Documenta 15

A ceremony of the soil

Over time we have distanced ourselves from the healing power of sharing. Forgotten the idea of collective ownership and collective sharing. Focus is to look into what happens if we stop owning - if we surrender to the basic notion that the soil exists in itself, belongs to no one and is accessible to all. 

Just like us soil migrates through wind, through water, through erosion. To demand us to be locked to artificial borders is as unnatural as to demand soil to stay within one field. Our bodies will migrate through soil, through water, through language, through sharing. 

Through the tropes of the healer, listener, messenger and preacher members from Wajukuu Arts and madar collective will explore different paths to return to the basic elements we share -  soil and water. 

Wajukuu Arts and madar collective hereby invite all to bring soil to be shared and merged at the square in front of Documenta Halle. The healer, listener, messenger and preacher will be present and guide the ceremony of the soil. The performance intends to leave a mark at the square for the soil to migrate into the surroundings of Kassel.