What is madar?

Madar is a danish collaborative collective and member based assosiation founded in 2022. We work within de-colonial, cultural & social practices.

Madar (مدار) means orbit, circuit or the way. With the title, we illustrate our focus on the processual and dynamic. Our goal is to create a rhizomatic network through physical and digital platforms that represent socially engaged artistic circuits, and connect artists with collective practiced knowledge, across borders and privileges.

We’re a non-profit and apolitical association with a focus on social justice, socially engaged art, democratic participation in the areas of inclusion and diversity. Our activities focus on promoting volunteer work globally but in the Copenhagen area.

We launch and join intiatives, organizations and institutions that work to strengthen democratic engagement in local and global entrepreneurship and cultural work.

Our mission is to 👇

  • develop a rhizomatic network between activists artists, researchers and community-based organizations and art collectives across borders.
  • engage critical and de-colonial approaches and provide platforms for diversity and sharing of resources within the artistic social practises.
  • facilitate dialogues and de-colonial knowledge across privileges. We aim to build and develop critical and more sustainable practices for justice and social change.